What are Worship Services Like?

Petitioning God Through Supplication
Our conversation with God begins by acknowledging Him, thanking Him and making our requests known.
Praise and Worship
Join us as we give God a corporate praise through song.
Praising God Through Singing and Dancing
We praise God as we present a diverse worship and arts ministry.
Proclaiming God From The Scriptures
The uncompromised and undiluted Word of God is preached.
Presenting God’s Call To Salvation
We believe that if one confesses with their mouth and believes in their heart the Lord Jesus Christ born, died, buried and resurrected for our sins they are saved.
Pleasing God With Our Substance
Tithing is preached and practiced as we believe that we are commanded to bring our tithe to the storehouse.
Pulpit Announcements And Welcome
Each one is greeted by our Pastor and congregation.
Parting To Serve
The work begins when we depart. We enter to worship and depart to serve.

*-The order of the service and its contents are dictated by God’s direction.